Luxury is in the details: How to craft a luxurious interior.

Top 13 Luxury Interior Features That Elevate Your Home's Elegance

By: Ekaterina Proskurina

Don't throw rotten eggs at me, but I'm about to delve into the must-have "smart" items that unmistakably signify you're living in luxury.

"You might argue that luxury is first and foremost about location!", you might say. And to that, I'd retort: "What if, in your high-end apartment or a house in Rublevka, there are air conditioning units hanging above the doors, and the pool is situated in the basement next to the furnace with a view of a wall? Sure, you can adorn every surface with intricate parquet flooring, lavish everything in marble, hang exquisite tapestries, display meticulously crafted wooden furniture, yet it won't feel right. It would feel like a dated interior that civilization forgot."

In luxury interiors, there's a prevailing trend towards built-in features, which requires space for utility installations, specific ceiling heights to discreetly hide air ducts and pipes, and ample storage solutions. Luxury demands a specific design approach, ensuring homeowners' privacy while maximizing views, be it of the cityscape or a lush garden. These viewpoints are meticulously planned by the architect from the project's inception.

Now, let's discuss those luxury features:

  1. Over-the-stove faucet: If you suddenly need to add water to a pot or pan, there's a retractable faucet installed just above the stove for this very purpose.

  2. Multifunctional kitchen sink: Comes equipped with multiple faucets; one for filling pots and washing dishes, a cascading one for rinsing fruits and vegetables, and an integrated glass rinser.

  3. Waste disposer:

  4. Silent kitchen exhaust system: For instance, one that's seamlessly integrated into the countertop.

  5. Built-in ventilation and air conditioning: These circulate air through discreet slits and grilles in ceilings and walls, eliminating the need for unsightly external units.
    Project by Residence at Kutuzovsky

  6. Integrated vacuum cleaning system.

  7. Smart home system: Controllable via smartphone or tablet. Modern iterations allow for a simplified setup using WiFi, bypassing the need for extensive wiring. This is suitable for apartments up to 140 sq.m. However, for larger spaces or houses, a basic setup wouldn't be cost-effective.

  8. Built-in rain shower and wall jets in the bathroom.

Top 13 Luxurious Interior Features for an Opulent Living Space

By: Ekaterina Proskurina

Before you start judging, let's discuss a pivotal aspect of luxury interiors: the presence of smart features. These gadgets often hint that you're dwelling in the lap of luxury.

You might argue, "Luxury is all about location!" But think about this: even if your upscale apartment is located in a prestigious area, but has air conditioning units awkwardly hanging over doors, or a swimming pool shoved in a dingy basement, the ambience goes amiss. Sure, you can lavish the space with ornate wooden furniture, marble, intricate tapestries, and exquisite parquetry, but without modernity, it feels dated.

Luxury interiors trend towards built-in features. They often have designated areas for utilities, concealed vents, ample storage space, and rooms with a view—be it of a sprawling cityscape or serene garden.

Now, let's dive into the features:

  1. Pot Filler Faucet: Positioned above the stove, it's handy for filling pots right on the stove.
    Pot Filler Faucet Image

  2. Multifunctional Kitchen Sink: With different taps for general washing, vegetable rinsing, and even a built-in glass rinser.
    Multifunctional Kitchen Sink Image

  3. Food Waste Disposer.
    Food Waste Disposer Image

  4. Silent Kitchen Exhaust System: Often seamlessly integrated into the countertop.
    Integrated Kitchen Exhaust Image

  5. Hidden Ventilation and Air Conditioning: Vents discreetly placed in ceilings and walls, eliminating the need for obtrusive units.
    Hidden Ventilation Image

  6. Built-in Vacuum System.

  7. Smart Home Features: With easy control via smartphones or tablets. For smaller spaces (up to 1500 sq. ft.), a simple Wi-Fi system suffices, while larger areas necessitate a more intricate setup.

  8. Integrated Rain Shower and Wall Jets in the bathroom.
    Integrated Shower Image

  9. Swimming Pool or Jacuzzi with picturesque views.

  10. Walk-in Closet: Offers more space than wardrobes and can be customized with shelves for shoes, bags, and clothes hangers. No more forgetting about that hat from Italy or that purse from Paris!
    Walk-in Closet Design

  11. Wardrobe Dry Cleaning System for suits and shoes.
    Dry Cleaning Wardrobe Image

  12. Utility Room or Additional Restroom housing laundry facilities.
    Utility Room Image

  13. Two Restrooms: One for guests and a grand bathroom.
    Grand Bathroom Image

A luxury renovation isn't just a project—it's an art. It surpasses the usual standards, blending top-notch materials, unique designs, and modern technologies. Italy, known for its furniture factories, offers exquisite pieces for such lavish interiors. Brands like Poltrona Frau, Fendi Casa, Molteni & C, Baxter, Armani Casa, Minotti, and Poliform top the charts with their refined offerings, ranging from plush leather sofas to sleek minimalist designs.
There are numerous manufacturers in Russia that can help bring your vision of luxury and comfort to life. When it comes to Russian manufacturers, the list of factories mentioned above are the ones most frequently requested for replication. In fact, Russian factories now offer a catalog of Italian-inspired designs. However, these replicas only capture the superficial aesthetics of the originals. Italian manufacturers have spent years investing in the development of technologies and the application of various modern materials, beyond just furniture design.

We collaborate with trusted soft and hard furniture manufacturers that not only supply from their own collections, such as:

  1. MDhouse
  2. Loftmark
  3. Idea
  4. Atribut
  5. Julia Novars
    Additionally, we have our own manufacturing unit that crafts furniture based on our designs.

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